BIM Assessment

Agents assess the competency of individuals and capability of systems. BIM Assessment provides a clear understanding of current strengths and challenges and thus enables management to make decisions based on objective measurement. For detailed information about this unique service, please visit

Public Presentations

Agents are seasoned presenters and workshop conductors. Since 2004, we've delivered 10s of sessions in a number of countries covering BIM strategy, implementation, competency and change management. Upcoming public sessions are listed on the Let's Connect page.

CPD Programs

Agents assist organizations to develop their internal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. These programs are based on academic research and the BIM Excellence methodology as to suit your institution's unique requirements. Let's Connect to discuss how we can help you with this.

BIM Facilitation

Using dedicated templates, Agents assist project partners to work more seamlessly by defining clear targets, mapping workflows and measuring projects' progress. Agents can also represent the interests of project stakeholders in meetings where BIM experience is paramount to project success..

Private Workshops

Agents provide specialized training to improve the BIM awareness and role-specific abilities of senior staff. Agents will deliver non-technical training to Managers and Team Leaders through interactive workshops and highly-targeted boardroom presentations. Let's Connect to schedule a set of tailored BIM workshops at your company.

BIM Education

Agents provide high-level advisory services to tertiary and vocational institutions. Our services deliver BIM awareness workshops to academe, identify industry's BIM competency requirements, assist in developing BIM curricula and inform the generation of outcome-based e-learning modules.

Let's Connect

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