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Change Agents are performance assessors, educators and communicators. We focus on the opportunities and challenges of Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and workflows.


We use cutting-edge research, online tools and onsite services to deliver BIM performance improvements to design and construction companies. We assist organizations to pre-qualify project partners, procure BIM services and develop their internal BIM abilities.


Through learning and performance assessment, we assist organizations to leverage their investments in BIM, maximize their Return on Effort (ROE), and transform their unique BIM challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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reducing BIM complexity

The increasing complexity of BIM concepts and software tools makes it difficult for organizations to introduce BIM’s unique deliverables and requirements to their managers and senior staff. To remove this significant impediment to productivity, Change Agents reduces BIM complexity by identifying and simplifying BIM workflows through presentations, workshops and visual communications.

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facilitating information exchange

Change Agents (CA) are educators and communicators. We use research-based strategies, online tools and visual representation methods to clarify performance improvement steps. CA moderates the costs associated with BIM implementation by reducing confusion, avoiding missteps and mitigating risks.


Change Agents assists organizations to identify their current BIM capabilities, generate medium-term and long-term capability /performance targets and identify capability gaps

Change Agents assists organizations to identify the protocols needed for delivering complex collaborative projects: new roles, responsibilities, quality gates, documented workflows and protocols



Change Agents assist organizations to increase their BIM Capability and BIM Maturity levels so they can deliver their services at much higher levels of predictability and repeatability

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