The BIMe Initiative is not-for-profit effort based on the BIM Excellence approach and is guided by a set of Principles. The Initiative is undertaken by volunteer researchers and is supported by in-kind contributions, commercial services, and institutional/corporate sponsorship. The BIMe Initiative is hosted on


The BIMe Initiative aims to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and project teams in the construction industry through knowledge-generation, knowledge-sharing and process optimisation. To reach its aims, the BIMe Initiative has the following measurable objectives:


  • Develop a modular language for digital transformation across the Construction Industry. The language will simplify complex topics and weave multiple research efforts into one consistent whole;
  • Generate reliable industry-wide competency benchmarks and identify competency gaps to be addressed through continuous performance improvement activities;
  • Develop competency-based learning methods, tools and materials applicable across tertiary education, vocational training, self-learning and professional development;
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between academia and industry; and
  • Develop free-to-use tools and templates to simplify decision-making processes and automate repetitive procedures.


The BIMe Initiative will achieve its aims and objectives through:


  • Connecting international subject matter experts – researchers and practitioners - through a dedicated research network.  The research network will identify performance challenges to be addressed, generate conceptual structures (e.g. models and frameworks) that address these challenges, transform conceptual structures into prototypes within performance excellence labs, and then seek grants/sponsorships to develop tested prototypes into fully-functioning and self-supporting digital solutions;
  • Peer-sourcing and peer-reviewing of knowledge using knowledge-capture templates;
  • Collaboration with communities of practice, research institutions and professional associations; and
  • Knowledge exchange between academic researchers and research-minded practitioners through workshops and joint publications.

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What is the BIMe Initiative?

BIMe Initiative Projects aim to deliver software applications and publications of direct practical benefit to individuals, organisations and project teams within the construction industry. The BIM Dictionary is an example of such a software application developed through a BIMe Initiative Project:

The BIM Dictionary is the largest online resource of its kind and currently includes more than 700 interlinked terms, descriptions, synonyms and abbreviations. Officially launched on April 13, 2016, the dictionary increasingly includes additional languages and features.

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