BIM Excellence (BIMe) is a performance assessment and improvement method. The BIMe Method relies on a set of online tools and offline templates to assess and improve the competency of individuals, organizations, projects, and teams. BIMe uses statistical data analyses and specialized metrics to identify actual BIM performance and then compare it against project/ client requirements, industry benchmarks, or previous performance results.

BIM Excellence tools are provided as a Software as a Service on or as a licensed platform hosted on the client's server infrastructure. Both the hosted service and the licensed solution allow assessment using pre-built and custom Assessment Profiles.


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What is BIM Excellence?

BIMe implements many Assessment Scenarios Which scenario to implement would depend on client's requirements and  what the assessor is trying to ‘test’ or prove – is it:


  • Compliance with national or international standards;
  • Capability in delivering a pre-specified performance outcome;
  • Conformance with internal organisational protocols or codes;
  • Competency against a specific competency target; or
  • Compatibility between organisations within a Supply Chain or project team?


Each assessment project is different and will include a combination of the above.


The BIMe Method relies on four types of interconnected assessments:


  1. Individual Assessments to establish the competency of a single individual or groupd of individuals;
  2. Organisational Assessments to establish the BIM readiness, Capability, or Maturity of organisational units. Organisational assessments are conducted to pre-qualify an organisation against tender requirements or to assess supply/vendor chains;
  3. Project Assessments to establish the requirements of new projects or to measure project deliverables; and
  4. Team Assessments to establish the performance of all types of teams.

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BIMe Assessment Types

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